Thinking about how to be secure and clean in our workspace, specially in areas where the sector is not prepare to jump completlly into the digital era and needs their employees working in their instalations.

What it does

its an app that provides temperature control, test result database, sanitisations of areas and notifications in case somebody get infectect by the virus.

How we built it

we built this app in android thinking always in the form about how to send notifications fast and prevent possible contagions, this app is developed in flutter because it provides us a powerfull tool to make apps for Android, and thinking in a near future where we can deploy the app also for iOS,

Challenges we ran into

the main challenge was how to provide a powerfull and flexible backend that responds to our needs and how to make sure people can use our app whitout being intrusive and a headache it to use it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are proud about how the app is simple and powerfull and not intrusive for the people. We take pride for the way we handled our time and how we attacked this social problema.

What's next for Safe Areas

We made this version of the app to be the base layer for future updates, our team is working on implementing IoT hardware to make the system more secure and automated. This app will continue to grow as the network of people using it grows with it.

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