-- JACK OF HEARTS Food poisoning after having a take away from a 4* rated place on JustEat.

What it does

The google chrome extension looks at the take aways available on JustEat and HungryHouse. Inject the Food Standards Agency's safety rating directly next to the take away listing.

How we built it

The chrome extension is built using web development technologies: Javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery etc.

Challenges we ran into

-- Message passing between various components of the chrome extension

-- Efficiently injecting the FSA rating images

-- Keeping the web apps usable

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are improving the safety and the take away experiences of all students and young adults who order from HungryHouse and JustEat.

What we learned

The star rating does not reflect the hygiene rating of those take aways given by Food Standards Agency (Hygiene regulator for takeaways and restaurants) for the UK. Many 4 and 5 ***** rated take aways on JustEat and HungryHouse have a FSA rating of 0 or 1 star which means they are extremely UNSAFE to EAT.

What's next for Safe 2 EAT

-- Improve the usability further

-- Make extensions for Firefox and Safari

-- Make it compatible with deliveroo and zomato

  • Jack Of Hearts

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