Inspiration: To keep people safe at parties so everyone can have fun.

What it does: The mobile web application registers you into your account by using a Facebook login. It then sets you up in a form asking for your number as well as an emergency contact number and records a message of what you want to say during the event where the app is used. The Nuance API does this where it detects that it is specific person's voice and check's if the string version of the message remains the same in each authentication test. Users can turn it off when they would like to if they do not want to be disturbed.

How we built it: We used VueJS for the user interface framework, Firebase for backend.

Challenges: We ran into The Nuance API was unreliable at times as the server had been down two times. Initially, we had problems integrating our VueJS materials with PhoneGap. We used Python language for lambda, Amazon text SMS, CloudWatch to schedule the SMS notifications to the user, API bridge to expose lambda to API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We implemented our knowledge of VueJS and implemented various technologies such as Nuance's API, proper Git processes and was able to work well as a team.

What we learned: We learnt how to use gitHub properly as well as different technologies and how to integrate our knowledge of VueJS user interface framework into building a mobile web application.

What's next for Safe: Bring it to the Playstore and/or the Apple Apple store. Users can select the duration between each notification. Users can automatically take in events from their schedule.

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