Who doesn't love traveling? We rarely come across people who don't like to travel. As an avid traveler, we realized that most of the time we have many unanswered questions regarding the places we want to visit, we are hesitant in booking hotels in advance and don't know tiny details about the trip.

While on a trip we always wondered if we could get to learn about first hand experiences of the travelers who had traveled the same places in past but firstly it was actually an uphill task to search those travelers and secondly if peeking for online digital resources we would have wasted our precious enjoyment and traveling time on our mobile phones.

This brought us up on the conclusion that how about an app where at single place we would get answers to all our travelling related question, NOT THE PAID CONTENT but first hand experiences of the ones who had been there.

What it does

SafarApp is the solution to your travelling thirst. The app is one of its kind of networking platform for traveling enthusiasts, the platform which is for the travelers from the travelers. The app is unique in its kind since it is being fueled up by the content produced by travelers for the travelers. Not only this but it also has the recommendations of the best rated travel as well. The app works in a way that a traveler could post out their blogs and vlogs while traveling to any of the amazing spots that will help out their other fellow citizens. Moreover the user could also find out a well defined travel itinerary along with the best sorted to do list along with the top tour guides recommendations. Further more the platform will also have an e-commerce store for the essential travelling items.

App Features 1) Explore (Travelers' Experiences) - Here the users could find out the blogs and vlogs being added by the travelers. 2) Upload pictures & videos (Private/Public) - This is where user could add content related to their traveling experience. 3) Reviews (Hotels, Drivers, Guides, Tour Agencies) - Here users will be able to find list of various hotels, Drivers, Guides and Tour agencies. 4) Need Guidance? (Talk a traveling expert) - This will provide recommendations for the top tour guides who could also be hired through the platform. 5) Buy Travelling Gear (e-commerce store) - This is an e-commerce store for buying essential traveling stuff. 6) What to do (Itinerary and To do list) - Here user will get a well composed guide of what and when to do stuff for the particular spot where user is travelling.

Revenue Model 1) Through E-commerce store. 2) A percentage commission from the Tour guides, agencies or driver hired through the platform.

How we built it

Frontend - React Native Backend - Node Database - MongoDB

Challenges we ran into

Geo IP Tagging of Images

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An idea/ concept that we had while traveling ourselves turned out into a practical and feasible solution.

What we learned

Product Management (Idea to Prototype) Creating a Revenue Model

What's next for SafarApp

Launch Beta with the traveler community

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