Who doesn't love traveling? We rarely come across people who don't like to travel. As an avid traveler, I realized that most of the time we have many unanswered questions regarding the places we want to visit, we are hesitant in booking hotels in advance and don't know tiny details about the trip.

What it does

SafarApp is your solution to your travelling thirst.

1) Plan a Trip 2) Upload pictures & videos (Private/Public) 3) Reviews (Hotels, Drivers, Guides, Tour Agencies) 4) Need Guidance? (Talk a traveling expert) 5) Buy Travelling Gear (e-commerce store) 6) Explore (Blogs & vlogs)

How we built it

Frontend - React Native Backend - Node Database - MongoDB

Challenges we ran into

Geo IP Tagging of Images

Accomplishments that we're proud of

2 days and so much work & thought were put behind this. Revenue Model

What we learned

Product Management (Idea to Prototype) Creating a Revenue Model

What's next for SafarApp

Launch Beta with the traveller community

Built With

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