We decided to work with Sacred Heart to digitize their signup process because needy applicants were forced to wait in long lines before they could obtain their membership cards and register for services. In addition, we also wanted to make the lives of the hard-working volunteers easier by removing the need to manually enter in applicant information. Finally, going paperless saves trees, which is always a plus!

What we are doing

We are designing and building the UI for a tablet kiosk system that will allow applicants to sign up for membership faster.

How we built it

We are integrating with Sacred Heart's Salesforce database to digitize and submit the paper forms automatically. We decided to use a Bootstrap singe-page application as the form, which is also mobile friendly.

Challenges we ran into

Since digitization of any forms has not been done in the past, we had to create new Salesforce forms which were vert large and took a lot of time to finish. In addition, we had to integrate the Salesforce API in the already-existing Wordpress website, which required research and editing of certain Wordpress plugins.

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