Most holiday-makers don’t travel alone; 76% of travellers went in groups of 2 or more. Coordinating with all your friends and family is a nightmare. Alice wants good food, john wants wants beautiful scenery. Mark can only make it from this date to this date, but I can only make it from that date to this date. Coming to a consensus is impossible.

That’s where Hermes comes in. Hermes is a virtual travel coordinator that steps into your conversations and does the hard work for you. Hermes breaks down the travel planning process into simple steps for everyone, and takes care of gathering opinions, deciding trip details, and finally booking everything for you.

Let’s say you’ve got a group conversation going and you’re planning a trip for the december holidays. Everyone’s got their own opinions, but nobody wants to take wade through all the work. You invite Hermes into your conversation, and activate him by saying “we want to take a holiday”. The rest of the process takes advantage of computer vision, location tagging algorithms and natural language processing, resulting in a trip itinerary that suits everyone.

In short, Hermes makes group trip planning easy, stress-free and fun.

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