DJ Khalid! He is a great mentor and we would really like to thank him for all the guidance and love he has given us.

What it does

Simulates lifelike battle on Star Destroyer between Darth Vader and Darth Vedar (Vader's Twin) sponsored by DJ Khalid.

How we built it

Magic. The Magic of software development. Ask Will (the magician), he dosen't know how it works and neither do I. LOL.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into bugs, and then ran into Another One, then Another One, and Another One, and Another One and then again Another One.

All kidding aside, plotting the device in a 3D space was one of our earliest issues. We had to use a mixture of sensors, algorithms and implemented filters to obtain acceleration in x, y and z directions. Using this and the time difference between each reading, we were able to approximately plot the distance according to a reference point.

Once we obtained the values, moving the saber and vader along with the saber was a major challenge. The wold coordinates obtained in the phone were not the same as the coordinates in Unity.

Another challenge we faced was getting all the devices to connect to each other and communicate successfully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Can do the Tut, pop & lock and Bboy now! ;)

What we learned

The Key to success is to play Saber Wars.

What's next for Saber Wars

BUshshhshhshshhshshshshsshshhehshsehshehshshsshh (Light saber sound).

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