Inspiration- One of our team mates grandfather while walking in the field had a fall which caused a major knee injury and just because help didn't reach him in time the knee injury worsened and later caused death due to the same reason. This was the inspiration behind taking this problem statement up and trying to making a better and safer living lifestyle for the elder people or the disabled people whoever uses a walking aid.

What it does- Our proposed solution is a walking stick with an in-built emergency button which gives out an SOS signal to the care takers. Besides it can also detect a fall and inform the people who can take necessary means towards it. It also has heart rate monitoring system in it.

How I built it- The components used were Oximeter Max 30100, OLED, Arduino, Bluetooth and connecting wires with a button for the message to be sent.

Challenges I ran into- Hardware connectivity was a concern, other than that there were small challenges which we could solve timely.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of- The SOS system works really fine and sends the alarm within milliseconds. The accelerometer predicts the fall with an accuracy of 85% which is pretty high.

What I learned- How we can develop IoT devices for a social cause, and can be used in daily life.

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