In Hindi, Saathi means 'COMPANION'.

Saathi is a mental health portal where people suffering from mental health-related issues seek help from the community anonymously! Some people don't express their emotions publicly & it affects them adversely. This website is an easy way to interact with the people (or volunteers) who are available to help these disturbed people. The website is also equipped with a Voice Assistant so that Specially-Abled people can also use it with ease.

There is a dedicated blog section for the people who wanted to read more about mental health & well-being. This portal not only tackles the problem of curing disturbed people but also paves the path to job opportunities for the therapists and volunteers (paid/unpaid).

How do we build it?

  • ReactJS - We have used ReactJS, a javascript framework to create a robust frontend for our website.
  • SASS & TailwindCSS - For styling, we have used SASS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheet) and TailwindCSS, a CSS framework.
  • NodeJS - The backend of the project that hosts Twilio's SMS API.
  • AlanAI - The voice assistance for the website is using AlanAI's API.
  • Twilio - To send an anonymous message, we have used Twilio's SMS API.
  • Postman API Testing Tool - To test our API.
  • Github - To host our repository.
  • Github Actions - To greet the new users who are opening an issue/pull request.


  • Due to the difference in the time zone, it was a bit difficult to collaborate with other developers in the team but we managed to get the project done in time.
  • Implementation of Twilio is a bit difficult.
  • To complete the project in the given time frame.
  • Connecting backend with frontend.
  • Making Voice Assistant interactive with the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of?

  • Implementing Twilio's SMS API
  • Using AlanAI's Voice Assistance
  • Completing the project in the given time frame.
  • Using a minimalistic design, which makes the website easy to use.
  • Used Github Actions to greet the users who open an issue/pull request.

What we learned?

  • Creating a basic Full Stack Application (Frontend & Backend) using ReactJS & NodeJS.
  • How to integrate API - Twilio's SMS API & AlanAI's Voice Assistant API.
  • Testing the Backend API using Postman Tool.
  • Implementing Github Actions Workflow.

What's next for Saathi?

  • To build the dashboard for volunteer registrations.
  • Making the functionality of "Book an Appointment".
  • Using any existing Blogs API for periodically updating the blogs section.
  • (OR) Making a dashboard for publishing the blogs.
  • Improving UX/UI.
  • Upgrading the capabilities of Alan AI.

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