Saathi (साथी) noun:

Saathi is a Hindi word, meaning companion. A companion is a person, or in our case, an android application employed to be with and assist another person.

What is it ?

This is an Android Application that assists a college student and making the already difficult and hard college life a bit interesting and easier. It is an intra-college application, which every student can download and use. It has featured such as -

  • an Authentication System
  • A fully updated User Profile
  • A portal for registering Courses
  • Viewing your Daily Time-Table
  • A To-Do List

Frameworks Used

This is built using Android Studio and has a UI that supports all screen-sizes. It uses Google Firebase Services to interact with the users and store all the data.

How to use it ?

It's very easy to use Saathi on your mobile phones. Just follow these steps -

  • Go to the link .
  • Click on Clone or Download button and then download as zip.
  • Extract the zip folder to any directory in your computer.
  • Make sure you have Android Studio installed in your computer.
  • Go to Android Studio, and click on File and then Open.
  • Now browse into the directory where you extracted the zip folder and click on the Saathi.

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