What an irony it is, that the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. India is a land of rich heritage and diverse culture. And the rural villages uphold the virtues of India. But, it's a sad truth that they never receive their share. The reason? ** Middlemen **. They force the rural ladies to sell the products at a cheaper rate which they further sell at a higher price thereby keeping their profit high. "Saathi" is a website designed in such a way that the customer can directly contact the women via email. Thus, eradicating the need for greedy middlemen. With "Saathi", women can showcase their talents and get the right price for it!

What it does?

The features of "Saathi" are as follows:

** Sell Products: ** πŸ’ƒWomen can directly post the products and get the deserving price for it. Well the hands that work under the sun all day can make world-class products. And "Saathi" ensures that you are in touch with the maker itself. Check out the amazing and 100% authentic handmade products.

** Impart Services: ** πŸ“˜ Not every woman is devoid of any skills. Be it a cleaning or taking tuitions, women have a lot to show. We provide a platform to showcase skills for every Housemaker. Women can directly post the service she can provide without interference of any other third party person.

** Health News: ** πŸ€’The patriarchal society confides women in her home. But with "Saathi", they can stay connect with the world. And never miss an update to keep yourself up with the latest healthcare services.

** Helpline: ** πŸ“ž Well, none of the countries is 100% safe for women. In case of any help, we have compiled a list of helpline numbers they can contact. Making it a one-stop destination for females!

How we built it

** Backend: ** Node.js, Sessions.js, Multer.js

** Frontend: ** React.js, Bootstrap.js

** Tools: ** Postman, Git

Challenges I ran into

** Connecting the Frontend and Backend** Well, I had to fumble a lot with the .env values until I found the correct way to remove the Cross-Origin Error.

** Building the Frontend** Since this was my first Hackathon, working solo was a difficult part form me. I like backend more, so it was difficult for me to design the UI. Hope I did justice to it.

** Uploading Image ** I was working with multer.js for the first time. As a beginner, I spent hours combining knowledge from StackOverflow answers to finally find the right way to do it.

What we learned

βŒ›οΈ Time Management and "Never Quitting attitude": A lot of times, the debugging process felt very frustrating but I managed to keep my calm and submit the project.

What's next for Saathi - Empowering Women

I was planning to implement more in the health section. Also, we can authenticate the buyers too for more reliability.

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