Alot of websites that provide courses nowadays aren't very beginner friendly, and can be very confusing, so we decided to make a project that fixes that problem through courses that are very simple.

What it does

Many things! It ranges from learning courses, to creating courses and chatting with other people! You can take courses, create courses, chat with other people, and many other cool stuff!

How we built it

We used PHP, JQUERY, and some JS for Backend, and HTML, CSS, and JS for frontend

Challenges we ran into

The whole project itself was a challenge, most of us are frontend developers so doing backend was very challenging but it all worked out in the end and here we are with this great project!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of our members didnt know PHP at all, and he ended up carrying the team with the PHP knowledge he learned during the hackathon, it shows how much you can learn from a hackathon, and just completing the project without any errors is also a big accomplishement!

What we learned

We learned alot of new things, especially about backend, for example I did not know alot of PHP to begin with, but i can consider myself an intermediate in PHP, JS, and HTML/CSS now :)

What's next for s1mple

Hopefully s1mple will be released to the public and we would want to do some database upgrades and probably make it more secure.

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