Nonprofits, first-generation students, education

What it does

Apply to Scholarships through App
Stay Engaged with Badges After Completing Applications
Receive Personalized App Notifications
Share Scholarships with Friends
Win Monetary Prizes After Completing Applications
1-on-1 Scholarship Coaching

How we built it

Android smartphone OS market share is 49.6% (iOS is 47%)*
Figma used for mocking up/prototyping UI and UX
Android Studio IDE used to code application
Kotlin for application logic (picked over Java because Google now promotes Kotlin as the official language for the Android platform)
XML for user interface
Google Pixel 3 virtual machine running Android 10 for testing
Firebase used to store data used within the application
Document based database using JSON trees
Created and maintained by Google-fits nicely into the Android development platform

Challenges we ran into

Listing items from firebase in a recyclerView in Android

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To be able to add this app to our nonprofit's offerings to help first-generation students

What we learned

How to mockup/prototype and develop basic Android applications

What's next for S-Tracker

Publish Schol-Tracker to the Google Play Store
Add Schol-Tracker to offerings of our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Paving Your Path to College
Create a companion iOS application for iPhone users (possibly with a shared codebase using Flutter, React Native, or Xamarin)
Pursue partnerships with companies to sponsor digital incentives for our badge reward system
Merch, discount/coupon codes, game credits
Provide users with expert scholarship application advice from professional scholarship coaches

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