After reading so much about Web 3.0, we began to wonder what we might do to help shape this new era in technology in our own backyard. Sharity, a decentralised blockchain system, was the end outcome of a brainstorming session that followed. In the last several months, CoinEx and its native DeFi ecosystem have flourished, and we've been amazed not only by its great technical possibilities but also by the wonderful community and talent growing across all CoinEx verticals. Our team sees this as a unique opportunity to make it easier for friends and family to share expenses from throughout the CoinEx ecosystem and make them available in a user-friendly and accessible interface.

What it does

CoinEx powers Sharity, a decentralised system that makes it easier for family and friends to pool their resources for common needs. Your pooled spending, receivables, and payables may all be found in one place, making it easier to determine who owes what. Sharity makes it simple to divide a group vacation, share a rental with roommates, or pay someone back after lunch. All of our transactions are fast, digital, secure, and worldwide, so we don't have to worry about losing track of our records. If you have an iPhone, an Android phone, or a computer, you can use our cloud-based platform.


Using our interactive dashboard, you may go down and filter data in order to get a distinct viewpoint. Using interactive drilled-down charts, the dashboard presents the amount you owe and the amount you owe your friend in a concise and clear manner, enabling data-driven organisational decisions to be made. The visual impact of our presentation captivates the audience.

On the account screen, you may see the total net transaction value for all of your friends, family, and others. You'll notice the account's current condition much faster thanks to the clever indication. You can use the red and green indicators to indicate the accounts in which you owe money to friends and family members, respectively. A link on the same page allows you to quickly settle an account expense in bitcoin in the currency of your friend or family member's choice.. We are able to maintain our records without worry of data loss because these transactions are driven by CoinEx, which is a digital, safe, and worldwide platform. We'll know for sure after the settlement transaction. After signing into Sharity, Ravi navigates to the Accounts page. The account must be paid in full if the red signal appears. Ravi decides to pay off his debt to David and launches a settlement transaction with David's permission. Complete the form, select your crypto currency of choice, and the system automatically determines its value. The transaction is started by connecting with the CoinEx API, which is done by Ravi. Before the transaction, there is a picture of the account on the screen. Cryptocurrency transactions are selected and completed for transmission via the CoinEx API. Cryptocurrency is used in the settlement. There are no outstanding balances in Ravi's account with David following the settlement.


The following are a few of the solution's most notable features. Our service is one of a kind because it allows you to pay your bills with your favourite cryptocurrency. Each day, currency conversion rate feeds are updated via a batch procedure that runs at the end of the working day. When your friend's account reaches a certain threshold, the smart threshold tool will notify you and remind you to take care of your own. Your friends, family members, or coworkers can use our platform to set up automatic payments and keep track of any events that take place.


Among the many other features that make our platform the most up-to-date, efficient, and safe solution available are offline access and expense import.

How we built it

The CoinEx NodeJS SDK was used to connect to the blockchain. To build APIs, we turned to NodeJS. QuickBase (a low-code, no-code platform) was used to build the front end, which was then integrated into the platform.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered a slew of roadblocks when building the platform. Because the technology we used was new, we had difficulties in determining the origin of our problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Full-stack Web 3.0 application built from the ground up. A good, user-friendly product that shows the synergy between design and engineering is something we strive to achieve with our designs that adhere to UI/UX guidelines.

What we learned

It was interesting to hear about the various technologies, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of the current state of technology, and how blockchain and decentralised internet could help to alleviate some of these problems. Many new technologies have been introduced to us this year, including CoinEx, Smart Contracts, and Web3.

What's next for Sharity

Integration of Google Home and Alexa with WhatsApp and Twilio Using machine learning, develop a model that can anticipate spending patterns and provide insights into those patterns..

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