As two students who were unexpectedly pushed into the complexities and toughness of online school, our main focus for the project was to build a platform that could help students find motivation and inspiration for school. With one of us being a freshman in college, and the other a junior in college, we understand that online school can be sometimes difficult, tiring, and uninspiring.

What it does

We found inspiration in discovering a way to help ourselves and fellow classmates. S.O.S, also known as Surviving Online School, is a learning platform where students have access to self uploaded videos by their teachers. The first thing a student sees after logging in to their account, is the “word of encouragement page”. This page uses a button that the student can click to get a random motivational quote to boost them for the day. From here, they can do certain actions such as record their emotions for the day, access their teacher’s videos, play fun educational games where they can earn points for extra credit, listen to music, and access their textbooks. The point system of our platform makes us unique and encourages students to learn in this online setting. We are the guide to surviving online school!

How we built it

We built it using HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Python, and some API's

Challenges we ran into

While building this project, we ran into a few challenges. For starters, we had to figure out how to use javascript in a way that would make certain functions such as buttons work and produce an output. Another challenge we ran into was coming up with an idea originally.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After building the website, we were proud of not only the layout and the way it looked, but our implementation of the things we learned. For instance, adding a button and having it do its intended purpose was one of the biggest things we were proud of. Our group learned more about html, css, javascript, and python.

What we learned

We improved our skills in each of these coding languages as well as improved our web developing skills. In the future, we hope to improve the functions of S.O.S. This includes a sign in feature for both teacher and students that would use a google login API for secure authentication.

What's next for S.O.S - Surviving Online School

We would also like to add more user interactive features, in which students can use to feel more motivation.

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