This project was inspired by the many disasters that we have had in the past few months. These disasters often separated loved ones and made it very difficult for them to find one another again. Because of this, we wanted to come up with a project that would help people find each other in times of crisis.

What it does

  This project sends a message to trusted one to notify them that you were caught up in a disaster and sends them your location to their phone via SMS.

How we built it

 We built it with Android Studio using the google maps API.

Challenges we ran into

 It was very difficult to find a way to send messages to the phone from the app, and we spent a long time thinking and researching about it. It took us a lot of experimentation with different APIs as well, until we finally found a decent solution that we are quite proud of. It was also a challenge to use the google maps API, but with Google tutorials online, we were able to manage it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

 We are quite proud of overcoming the challenges we faced on this app, like finding a way to send messages to another user's phone via SMS (especially if they didn't have the app) and finding out how to use the google maps API (both of which we had never done before).

What we learned

 We learned how to use APIs in Android Studio and a lot of shortcuts! (For example, alt/option + enter fixes almost any error in Android Studio PRO HACK)

What's next for S.O.S. in Seconds

 We wanted to use Firebase to store all the contacts in the phone, so that we could keep track of their first and last names, numbers, and other information, like where they work so based on that the program would be more likely to contact them if they work closer to the incident. We also tried to use Microsoft Azure to integrate voice recognition to login (so someone else can't start calling your contacts if they get ahold of your phone as an innocent prank). However, we weren't able to do that, because Microsoft Azure wanted our credit card number! However, maybe in the future, we can incorporate this into our program.

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