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Inspiration: Climate change is a serious evil that we are witnessing in our lives currently. This website is an effort to showcase that everyone's contribution matters to make a greener tomorrow.

What it does: It is a one-stop-shop for buying sustainable items based on personalized preferences and also earn rewards in the process.

How we built it: The website is built using HTML, Python, Flask and linked to the SQL database. Fitbit is used for rewards.

Challenges we ran into: Integration of Google Home Mini to the Google Cloud supported SQL database, integration of the website with the database using PHP.

Accomplishments that we are proud of: Successful integration using Python, Flask, and SQL, beautiful user-interface and ease of use.

What we learned: Persistence, adapting to different software platforms as the need arises, being comfortable in being uncomfortable, working with people of varied skill sets, setting ambitious goals and striving towards achieving them.

What's next for S-Mart: Improvize, add more features that are planned and further optimize the user experience.

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