Our team was inspired by the need to aid minority groups who are typically overlooked because of stigma and fear-based stereotypes.

What it does

The opioid crisis is the leading cause of tens of thousands of viral hepatitis infections annually. However, with Sterile Syringe Exchange Programs (SEP's) we aim to provide easy access to free sterile syringes while collecting used syringes from injection-drug users in order to reduce transmission of bloodborne pathogens. With our website, we aim to provide location-based access for addicts to the closest SEP's along with a donation service to support the cause. Our mission is to increase HIV prevention, save taxpayers and the government money, and save lives.

How we built it

As Freshman Web Design Engineering majors, our team of two utilized our knowledge from our class "Intro to Web Technologies" to create an aesthetic webpage with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We started by researching and putting our content into an HTML file. Then we continued to use CSS to design a user-friendly website along with JavaScript for user interaction.

Challenges we ran into

The drain of staying in one room for hours against a computer screen led us to make countless mistakes. Something as small as a missing bracket almost made us lose it. :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In order to create our Hack for Humanity project we honed in on previously known concepts and expanded our ability to use them such as creating our own logo and side-bar navigation. Color theory was also an aspect we learned the importance of and were able to perfect. This is the prettiest website we have made by far and we grew together as friends along the way. :D

What we learned

We learned how to embed location databases within a website. By collaborating early on and solidifying a schedule to stick by throughout the hack we were able to manage our workload and give ourselves time to perfect our project.

What's next for S.E.P.'s

If our demo was made into fruition, the donations would allow S.E.P's to expand across more locations for HIV prevention expansion such as local pharmacies. By raising awareness we would also combat stigma and urge voters to encourage the legalization of S.E.P's in more states. Also, website expansion would include more than the Bay Area, possibly all of California and/or the United States.

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