We have all been in situations where we are listening to a lecture and we are struggling to understand that concept. The prof may even ask the class if they have any questions. You would love clarification but you feel like you understand it so little that you can't even ask a specific question. You are also scared to reveal this to the class in fear that everyone else understands and you will look stupid. The entire lecture was essentially useless and you may as well have stayed at home. If only there was a way for the prof to know that the classes understanding so that they could tailor their lecture and clarify topics that students are struggling with,

What it does

Nima is a web application for students and professors/teachers that allows the students to relay their understanding of topics in a simple way as the topics are being taught. During class, the students rate their understanding of the content being taught on straight forward scales. This information is then relayed to the professor on their laptop as they are teaching in easy to understand averages and graphics.

How we built it

We used HTML5, CSS, and Javascript which we had little to no experience with to build our site on bootstrap.

What we learned

We learned HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.

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