Learning should be organic and mistakes are normal.

What it does

From teacher perspective

  • [ ] Teacher perspective
    • [x] Absolutely no dummy data is generated by s'CoolEd, all information is retrieved from a database, specifically CockroachDB (CDB)
    • [x] Uses NLP to automatically generate quizzes from lesson plans and writes to CockroachDB (CDB)
    • [x] Reads contents of quizzes and feedback from students from CDB
    • [x] Creates supplementary notes that clarifies the question and answer (ideally this is sent to the students who missed the question)
    • [x] Allow teachers to upload lesson plans as direct text

How we built it

Streamlit and CockroachDB

Challenges we ran into

Was not able to cache the NLP model dependencies

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Overcame most of states and caching

What we learned

  • PostgreSQL, NLP
  • Entity Relationship Diagram

What's next for s'CoolEd

  • [ ] Teacher perspective

    • [ ] Allow teachers to upload lesson plans as files or images
    • [ ] Receive p-value scores of individual questions in order to detect fallacies in the question itself
    • [ ] Receive notification if students' progress dips
  • [ ] Student Perspective

    • [ ] Read quizzes, retry, and be able to submit feedback to instructor
    • [ ] Write grades and record retries to CDB
  • [ ] Add an open community forum for student and teacher perspective (i.e. students have their own forum and teachers have their own)

    • [ ] People in the forum can discuss quizzes and lesson content
  • [ ] Parent Perspective

    • [ ] Parents get notification of their child(ren)'s grades, retry attempts, and forum comments (remove anonymity and enforce parents to be involved before it's too late)

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