Great moments are born from great opportunity. Hack Princeton is one of those opportunities. Since I was about 8 years old, I began to quote movies, famous authors, actors and presidents on a fairly frequent basis. Like a lot - a lot. I try and incorporate these quotes into my writing and speech on a daily basis. It's one of those things which brings out the emotion in me - when I can tell someone, "You have to claw with your fingernails for that inch," in my semi-fair Al Pacino impression, nothing brings me greater joy. Especially when in stressful scenarios, the flow of the passion is a calming experience for me as potentially screaming into a pillow might be for others. The idea behind Quotes, or ""S, came from the movie "Live Free Or Die Hard. (2007)" Hackers take control of the national television broadcast and play a video comprising of ~55 separate segments of presidents sequentially speaking*. Their continuous sentences are strung together mesmerically and can send a chilling thrill of danger into any viewer.

My target user for this project is someone who wants to start sending dynamic messages. Initialized with the creation of snapchat/vine/etc., flat types of messaging (text, email) are becoming less popular with these new services. They allow someone to emote something audibly and visually more than they could before. I am developing my application to facilitate this trend.

A large chunk of my time here was spent creating the code to generate the library of individual words which make up the core of my application. 'Hacking' together certain types of tech (using NLP tools which bumped up against my computer memory cap) and in some cases abandoning tech which I couldn't debug (Sphinx's default Long Audio Aligner) was the largest struggle. That moment when I could input a youtube video and closed captioning file and watch the program generate word by word felt extraordinary.

For the future, I have learned how I am going to finish the project using different tools and methodologies to make the word generation more accurate and also how users will pick and choose their filters for video clips.

Have a great rest of the weekend, Morgan


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