Mornings are difficult - we've all had trouble waking up. From the minute your alarm clock goes off till the minute you’re out the front door, there’s a lot of wasted time.

What it does

Rysr (pronounced ‘riser’) is the solution. From the moment you lay your head down on the Smart Pillow, it begins monitoring your sleep. When it’s the optimal time for you to get up, Rysr wakes you up with a gentle kinetic alarm.

This is where it gets interesting - the Ryser smart pillow will not stop vibrating until you’re out your front door. No more laying in bed or snoozing.

Want some more motivation? If you take too long getting out of your house, Rysr will start donating your money to a charity. After all, time is money.

How I built it

Rysr is an android app. We used the BrainTree API so that users can donate to the charity of their choice. The firebase API was also used as the main server and database.

For the hardware component, we used an accelerometer in order to determine the user’s sleep patterns and when they move during their sleep. It had a bluetooth module in order to connect with App and send data.

Challenges I ran into

One of the biggest challenges we had we dealing with the low level software.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was our group’s first hardware hack. We usually stick to software hacks, however we decided to push our limits and try something out of our comfort zone. It was a lot of hard word however we are happy with our result.

What I learned

What's next for rysr

There are still lots of features that we want to build out completely which we didn’t get time to do during the hackathon. One feature we would like to implement is a machine learning algorithm that tracks a user’s sleeping pattern and automatically set alarms based on their routines.

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