Mobile financial apps like Robinhood and Acorn showed that mobile financial investments can be really popular if made to be simple. I also have friends that have worked with microloan services for 3rd world countries that were greatly successful. Thus, I thought what if we created a simple, easy to use mobile app that can both provide microloans to anyone and allow anyone to have a easy way to invest their money through a mobile app.

What it does

Rye is a mobile app designed for crowdsourcing investments to provide microloans for anyone.

How it's built

It's built using React Native and flat design principles


Creating it in React Native was difficult because there is a lack of usable and working UI libraries available. So I decided to create it from scratch. Initially, Venmo was what we wanted to use for payment, but unfortunately, Venmo shut down its API as of February this year. So we decided to mock up a payment system.

What's next for Rye

Currently, it's a proof of concept prototype. If there is interest, an actual payment system could be implemented with a secure backend database. Since the app and the backend is mostly done, it can be made to be a fully functional app.

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