Uber and Lyft are very convenient when you need a ride in an unfamiliar area, but they can get very expensive, and we're just trying to take the burden off of your wallet.

What it does

Our Program finds the cheapest route to visit an assortment of destinations in a city that you plan to visit using Uber or Lyft.

How we built it

We used Google Places API to find popular places in each town in our application. We then used the Uber API and Lyft API to calculate the cost of each route between those places and then we calculated which route would be the most cost effective to see the places you choose to see in each town. We also used python flask framework to develop the application with HTML5 and Bootstrap.

Challenges We ran into

We ran into the traveling salesman problem while trying to calculate the most cost effective route.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished our project on time in our first hackathon.

What we learned

We learned about API integrations and how to solve the traveling salesman problem

What's next for Ryde Right

Extending Ryde Right into a phone app and also syncing it up with cab services

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