The project aims to improve the Ryde experience and increase efficiency for the drivers and the passenger. We are improving the experience of the Ryde share app by introducing options that make ryde share safer and trustworthy for both the ryder and the driver.

The project uses Android Studio and the creation of an app for Android phones that would be effective while working on multiple distributions. This is more user-friendly than a website would be due to the necessity of mobile usage.

This app improves upon the current approach to an app like Lyft. By adding preference this enhances the user experience while still being a functional and efficient app. The new perspective enhances user experience in markedly distinct ways for both the driver and passenger.

Our group is attempting to create an app while having very little to no experience creating an app overall. That being said we are working on the idea of the Lyft app already and using android studio in attempts to add the features that would greatly enhance the user experience.

By having the right parameters for the app while also including correct assessments is important. Every user, both ryder and driver, should feel respected while using the app and by having options available it is far more likely to have this occur.

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