We all live near student drivers that drive every day to school– yet we rarely ask for a ride because we do not know them. We instead ask for rides from our parents, who drive through heavy traffic, when someone down the street unknowingly is heading back at the same time. Many of us do not carpool simply because we do not know such an option is available.

Problems only worsen later in the day- if a sporting game goes past the late bus, a student may not have a ride from your parents until late at night or will have to shell out money for an Uber. Kids are left stranded at school despite their peers also driving to the same neighborhood at the same time.

Moreover, excessive rides also have a dangerous impact on our environment. Whenever a parent is called to pick up their child or has to drive home from work to drop their child late to school, extra miles are driven increasing CO2 emissions. Our lack of communication is having deadly effects on the environment.

What it does

Steps have been taken to encourage parents to carpool, yet these programs tend to be hard to organize and unreliable with changing schedules. Our solution aims to connect school communities together with an innovative platform that brings high schoolers together by providing accessible ride options when all hope seems lost, while also helping the environment. Our platform has the ability to not only cut down on excessive rides but also ensure that every student has a safe way of getting home, all while also making new friends.

Ryde allows students who do not have a way to get home to carpool with other high school students who live in their neighborhood. Many high school students take advantage of Uber and Lyft—in fact, 84% of teenagers use these services to receive a ride. However, Ryde allows a safe alternative as well as legal, as many other services prohibit riders to be below 18.

How I built it

We created an application that mainly comprises of 3 parts: a mobile app, a Firebase firestore, as well as an online tracking utility. The mobile app allows the users and drivers to request and accept rides. This communicates with the firestore to determine who is available to offer a ride based on your current location and destination. Upon completion of the ride, the driver can end the ride and collect points based on distance. The functionality of autocompleting locations and determining the distance traveled among other things were accomplished through a variety of Google Maps API. Additionally, the mobile app and firestore work side by side to provide parents an application in which they can view the status of a current or past ride, including current location and times departed or arrived.

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