RxNix is a simple semantic medications tool that intefaces with RxNorm and ndfRT API's. RxNix aims to allow users unfamiliar with NUI,UML, or RXCUI codes to navigate concepts, drugs and other terminology records. Records are linked to allow quick browsing in both databases. Drug interactions are also listed when available. Simply enter a search term and go! Pages are linkable, and dynamic, but sites may be set up to store database information in a variety of ways, substantially reducing the load on RxNorm and NdfRt servers.RxNix supports both json and xml responses from the API. Caching occurs via Apache Couch DB, or file system (in json,xml or HTML). RxNix is open source, written in PHP 5, and available on Github.   The Submission website url reflects a version of rxNix at the time of entry, but a live version exists that is updated when new releases become stable.

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