-- Nearly half of all U.S. citizens have taken at least 1 prescription medication within the last month. Upon further investigation, out team noticed that for the number of medications people take in their lifetimes, the process of tracking these treatments seems incredibly tedious. Users must remember which medications to take each day, when to take their pills, and even track when they will be due to refill said prescription. Instead of manually separating pills or attempting to recall exactly which aides you are required to take, RxMinder works to make these issues a problem of the past.

What it does

-- RxMinder acts a an automation application for scanning all of your prescriptions. Simply take a panorama picture of the outside label of your pill bottle, and RxMinder will find and convert all pertinent information about your meds into an easy-to-comprehend application list format. Displaying the name, pills per dose, dosage per day, total quantity, and individual pill dosage values, our app provides users with a minimalistic and clean way to privately view all of their medication data in one interface.

How we built it

-- Utilizing the newly released SwiftUI, our team developed the iOS application using a number of APIs and frameworks. These include:

  • Google Could Vision API (Image processing component of scanning each bottle)
  • National Institute of Health openFDA API (Comparison against official FDA prescriptions list)
  • Heroku (Server Deployment Service)

Challenges we ran into

  1. Image Processing Inaccuracies/Failures
  2. SwiftUI bugs and Inconsistencies
  3. Parsing of corresponding data from a curved panorama image
  4. Apples stringency regarding iOS applications
  5. Apple only allows users to have access to the basic camera functionality within a custom application. This challenge forced us to think outside the box, and develop a solution using the stock iOS camera app and its panorama feature to compose a clear image.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our team is incredibly proud of the fact that we were able to delegate roles, and perform as a team to create a useful application within the medication field. RxMinder is a clean and simple-to-use application that has the potential to help people every single day. Relatives, friends, family, and strangers alike could save a great deal of time and energy, and we take great pride in knowing we can help others in this manner.
  • Figuring out how to scan a curved surface such as a pill bottle was no easy task, so we feel very accomplished over the fact that we decided to use a panorama instead of a limiting single image. Our system was able to accurately read data from the panorama, a risk which thankfully paid off.

What we learned

  • Parsing data from an image-processing system is no easy task.
  • Google Cloud Vision API is an incredibly power logic source with infinite capabilities

What's next for RxMinder

  • Our next step as a team would be to investigate the possibility of stitching a series of single vertical images together via a common boundary in order to provide the system with a cleaner 2D plane of text to parse from. Curved text is always more difficult to read, so this may be one efficient way to mitigate parsing inaccuracies.

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