The American healthcare system is broken. People are dying not because they can't be treated, but because they can't afford the treatment. I wanted to pitch an effort to help fix the system by providing people with something to compare prices of the same drug across different stores, hopefully saving people a few dollars with every bottle of Tylenol purchased, which adds up over a long time.

What it does

It is an app where users can search a database for a specific drug. The database was created from webs crapping a few household over the counter drugs across different stores. It will then display the different stores that carry the drug, as well as the price. Users can add the drug to a shopping cart, that tallies the total items and money they need to spend for a particular drug trip. Users can then "checkout" to log their purchase

How I built it

The Android app was coded with Java on Android Studio, with the database hosted on Firebase (Google)

Challenges I ran into

Coding solo is always hard, webscrapping the data was hard.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being a full stack developer for this app, from webscrapping, to database setup for the backend, coding the app, UI/UX on the front end.

What I learned

How to use Firebase, webscrapping, and being a full stack developer

What's next for RxCompare

Refining the web scrapping, adding more features for budgeting

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