Total costs associated with poor medical adherence in the United States is approximately $283 billion annually. It should be a given that more money than what is already poured into the R&D of developing pharmaceuticals does not need to be spent because of incompetence. The three major problems associated with the medical adherence dilemma in the U.S. are patients not taking the last 50% of their dosses because they claim to feel better, parents altering their children's dosses because they do not feel directly in control of the situation, and elderly individuals not knowing which of their medication to take when.

RX-Remind is a web portal built to keep patients on top of taking their prescriptions. We built it to be family oriented and easy to use. Once a "Cabinet" is created, family members can be added along with their medications. For each medication, the user can create a schedule, write notes, and input what services they would like to be reminded through, including Facebook, Gmail, and/or text. Individuals will then be reminded each time a dose needs to be taken. No matter the medium, when reminded, the name of, customized notes about, a picture of, and a link to information about the medication is provided.

We constructed the site using javascript and HTML.

When we were putting the idea together, we struggled with ways to tackle the issue of patients stopping medication. We considered gestural affirmation, but after thinking about the kind of people who would either forget or opt-out of taking medication, we decided to increase the number of reminders for the last 50% of dosages.

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