This app is designed to help those without an understanding of the English language and those that find it hard to research the use of a specific drug. We came up with this app as a way to help foreigners and the elderly research the use of their medications with less hassle.

What it does

"Rx?" takes a picture of a prescription bottle, and returns the use of the pictured drug and the proper dosage, in the user's selected language. The user can also choose to set a reminder to use the drug, compliant to the bottle's dosage.

How we built it

The "Rx?" Android app sends an image through byte stream to the python flask backend. The backend then converts the image to text (OCR), natural language processing is then used to extract the name and dosage, and send that to the openFDA API, which then finds the drug bank ID in the DrugBankPlus database. This drug bank ID is then used to return a description of the drug. Following this, the description and dosage are translated, if needed, and then are sent to the Android app. Now the Android app takes that information, displays the captured image, drug description, dosage, sets a daily reminder for the given dosage, and reads the drug description out loud.

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