The inspiration was the hackathon itself to help us motivate in solving the problem.

What it does

We have designed a revamped the RVREMS website in order to make it more accessible by users and make it more user-friendly. People can learn about the company, rent a hall, sign up to volunteer and also be able to donate anonymously.

How we built it

We build the frontend using React, and built our website around that and thinking about what we needed as we started to code.

Challenges we ran into

The original challenge that we were given was just to make a donation page for the website but we took a step further to revamp the entire website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using the Stripe API along with having a Paypal button was an accomplishment that we are proud of because of the complexity of the Stripe Documentation and all the intricacies that it involves when using it.

What we learned

Leveraging React elements to build a simple, sleek webpage. Working with Asynchronous Functions to process requests and interface with a web server.

What's next for RVREMS Revamp

If we were given more time to finish RVREMS Revamp, we would add more functionality to the whole website since most of our time was trying to figure how everything worked together. Also, adding more styling to be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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