As we wanted to solve a real world problem we took the Creuna challenge to combine physical world with online information. Through our brainstorming and customer interviews, we realized that people want to know more about UX. Our solution creates a customer tracking and reviewing database so that everyone can read collective reviews on products on the go. This helps customers while making purchases and also helps stores to sell better quality products.

What it does

When you enter the store that uses our solution you get a notification, and when you find a product you are interested in and haven't done any research on it. You can just take your phone, open our app and with one click you can get a collective review of the product in front of you. It's simple, fast and targeted. If you provide your own reviews you can earn rewards through our partners.

How I built it

We built small teams within our team so that our efficiency would be as good as possible. While implementing some of the frameworks we also did a customer survey, built a proof of concept and created a basic business model that would help customers and enterprises.

Challenges I ran into

Mostly technical

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our excellent teamwork

What I learned

New ways to build databases, how to deal with technical challenges

What's next for Rview

World domination

Built With

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