I recently wrote a program to solve Sudoku puzzles and was inspired to begin working on something similar for chess, a game that I enjoy.

What it does

Currently allows for two players to play a game of chess together in terminal.

How I built it

I built the program in a .cpp file using c++, the code is class and struct based, with an emphasis on a game class that holds most of the functions / variables for the board.

Challenges I ran into

Calculating valid moves for pieces that could be anywhere on the board, determining collision and blocking of movements, as well as managing the board.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to write more complex code than is usually expected from my classes, and being able to utilize and design the code I made to be reusable.

What I learned

How to color code text, manage larger classes and handle more complex data structures.

What's next for RvB Chess

More testing needs to be done to verify that the pieces can and will only perform legal moves. I also plan to add a basic chess engine that would allow for a player to face against the computer.

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