We wanted to have fun, building something cool, learn as much as we can, and smash things. The idea was to have a polar bear become mutated by radiation, grow to a gigantic size, and seek to destroy a city polluted by waste to make way for nature to revive.

What it does

You get to smash buildings.

How I built it

Using Unity, Unity Asset Store, HTC Vive Pro, and Blender

Challenges I ran into

Making buildings appear to fracture, learning curves for beginners on the team, and destructive paw mechanics.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting to code successful scripts for some animations. Being able to grab and throw objects.

What I learned

Learned basics of Blender and Unity in a few days' time! And C# scripting for game objects.

What's next for RV Hack 2019 - Nature's Wrath

To develop a scoring system and to create an antagonist (trash golem maybe).

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