At work we'd like to get out a little more, intellectually speaking. To make that happen, we want to show our company the value of cognitive computing. Once our bosses get the potential, we'll have a chance to lead the way.

How it works

Our main goal was to explore our data and dig up insights. Once we're back home, we'll turn those insights into tools and recommendations for our sales team.

Step by step:

First, we used the Alchemy API to enrich thousands of sales chat logs with linguistic metrics (sentiment, key words, etc). Second, we looked for correlation between linguistic metrics and successful chat outcomes.

Challenges we ran into

  • Alchemy API rate limits, swiftly overcome with Zach's help
  • Formatting data for Alchemy analysis
  • Data visualization (some representations hide important patterns)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Verified three out of three hypotheses
  • Discovered trends that can be acted on to increase revenue

What we learned

We verified these hypotheses:

  • Chats with positive sentiment generate more follow-up calls from customers
  • Agents who talk like the customer generate more follow-up calls
  • Keywords from sales agent speech are good for predicting call outcomes

What's next for us

Present these observations at the next companywide Red Ventures meeting. Convince our bosses they want us to work on this full time.

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