Cowboys and wild-west is something that fascinates most of us. So as to experience that wilderness, gun fights and shoot outs, virtually, we developed Rustler.

Rustler is combat game like paintball or air-soft without the pain, it uses infrared light (IR) to simulate the tagging / shooting of other players or targets. It is integrated with Google Cloud IOT core to further monitor and display statistics as well as graphs and act as your shooting assistant. Without wasting any more time let's jump directly to the working of the device.


We have used a set of IR transducers and receivers to monitor whether the target is hit or not along with Arduino UNO, WiFi dongle and PHP on Chip Arduino shield to process and transfer this data to the Google Cloud IOT core through the MQTT messaging protocol. Upon registering the device on Cloud and adding a public key we were able to generate a certificate pair using open SSL. These certificates can be used to connect to google IOT core as a device and start publishing data. We are using two of Google cloud's API that are pub/sub as messaging-oriented middle-ware and delivery for streaming analytics pipelines and Google real time API. So if you wanna experience those wild West movies and shoot outs, gear up wear your cowboy hat, boots and jump into rustler to have your shooting sessions. Monitor your accuracy through a number of statistics and have fun.


We faced a lot of difficulty in transferring the real-time data from Arduino UNO to Google Cloud IOT Core, which was later fixed by incorporating PHP on Chip Arduino shield.


We are currently working on development of an app to incorporate a lot details about various gun like its muzzle speed, recoil, damage, reloading speed, etc to guide and help shooting enthusiast.

Built With

  • arduino
  • c++
  • google-cloud-iot-core
  • ldr-sensor
  • php
  • phpoc
  • pub/sub
  • realtime-api
  • stl
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