We wanted to learn rust. The rust devs want people to learn rust. We wanted to create a project to help people learn rust, because we think it's a great language, and would love to see more people come to love and use it.

What it does

This website helps teachers create and publish local rust workshops to help individuals learn and grow in the rust community

How we built it

Blood, Sweat, and Tears. oh, and coffee. Mostly coffee.... But in all seriousness. we wanted to learn rust, and what better to learn a new language than to write a app in it?

Challenges we ran into

learning rust. Don't get us wrong, rust is great, but there is a bit of a learning curve (something we're trying to help fix!)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not only have we completely rewritten the original website, but we've started to add new features! that in itself is something we're hugely proud of, considering we didn't know rust.

What we learned

Rust! Until today, we haven't touched a single line of rust code, and somehow we just wrote a complete website consisting of a Rocket webserver, withing a Postgres database using Diesel. we had the wonderful pleasure of working with some rust core developers ( Steve Klabnik and Ashley Williams ) who were instrumental in our learning. A huge thanks to them!

What's next for

We'd love to see more extensive dashboard tools for teachers and students, making it even easier to create and attend a rust workshop.

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