The Promise of Web3 & The Perception Problem in the Way

Web3’s promises a new era for gaming with IP crossovers, metaverses and a golden age for modding.

But even 6 years after the invention of the NFT there are no meaningful integrations. Why?

We believe it is a perception. A perception that it is not worth the development time. Our hope is to change that perception with our project today.

Rushdown Revolt: Enter the Vortex

Our Solana Ignition project is the first collaboration of its kind between multiple established universes: Degen Ape Academy, CryptoKickers and Rushdown Revolt. Each is integrated as a piece of meaningful and expressive in-game equipment.

As part of our Demo, we are sharing an important instrument of our design, the Vortex, to align Interests among all creative universes and their respective communities.

Addressing the Perception Problem

Merely overcoming the implementation problem does not address the perception problem: Why should we put in the effort to implement another collectible? Why not just launch our own?

The answer to the perception problem is our token design called Vortex. Vortex addresses Web2's zero-sum thinking by functioning as a token-based portal between universes. Collectible owners who wish to use their assets within our universe must first obtain and own a specified amount of Vortex within their wallet. Similar to the Discord membership model of Friends with Benefits, Vortex unites communities through interest alignment.

Vortex can even act as a lever for cross-chain alignment as well. For example, ETH-based collectible owners can import their assets into Rushdown Revolt only after proof of ownership of our Solana-based Vortex.

As we’ve designed it, Vortex should function as a governance token with voting privileges for future collectible integrations.

How We Pulled This Off!

We begin with Phantom Wallet authentication through our Store webpage. We then access Solana’s API endpoints to identify any collectibles within a user’s wallet. Next, Metaplex’s token program allows us to reference the on-chain metadata for the collectible. This metadata can provide a 3D CryptoKicker object which we dynamically reformat in-engine during runtime.

For the PNG of the Degen Ape Academy collectible, we can import it as is. Then finally, we directly appended the CryptoKicker render and the Degen Ape Academy PNG to our models in our game, Rushdown Revolt.

For our Ignition Demo, we worked with Stardust to mint a 1 of 1 NFT to represent a Vortex token. The presence of Vortex makes it possible for these decentralized collectibles to be equipped.

About Us

The team behind our presentation is Team Vortex. We are a decentralized group of over 60 members. We acquired a game studio who ceased operations after their approval ratings landed in the bottom 5% of Steam - and today - Rushdown Revolt, a fully rebranded and reimagined game, is in the top 5% of Steam’s positively reviewed games.

We are beyond humbled to have legendary minds among our investors and advisors. We are only here today thanks to their experience and the collective willpower of our passionate players. We are extremely excited about our development plans on Solana, for the implementation of our Vortex design, and for Rushdown Revolt to integrate many of the terrific collectibles we see around the Web3 community.

Perhaps most exciting is the fact that - together - we may play a fun part in bringing the metaverse to life. We look forward to seeing you in January 2022 when these plans will come to fruition! Thank you!

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