Rush 'n' Roll is an action packed casual game which brings the excitement of the traditional ball throwing game from the fair to the phone, transported into it's own world, loaded with funny features, surprising gadgets, exciting characters, upgrades, multiplayer modes, Facebook connectivity and much more.

Features powered by Kii

  • Automatic cloud account creation upon first start of the game, in the future the users can also play the game from where they left on a different device
  • Automatic regular secure storage of the game progress protected by ACLs
  • OS independent data exchange
  • Storage of the users customized avatar in efficient binary form
  • Global leaderboard using a global bucket, also integrated into the Facebook view to see who of your Facebook friends is currently leading
  • Innovative asynchronous multiplayer mode, if no opponent is available a random player near to the players rank will be picked and simulated. For that we store extensive statistics of the users game style on Kii, how often he throws, misses, what attacks he has etc. providing an astonishingly good approximation of playing against a real human
  • Custom analytics dashboard for the developers to see how far players are in the game, how many coins they have etc.

Enjoy this "adrenalin in your pocket"!

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