Disaster, we want to find and help people who are under the rubble quickly.
Normally, we want to reduce the people who die alone.

What it does

Save the position information people to the cloud everyday all the time, to help according to their location information in the event of a disaster.
It usually, it function as a watching system for Solitary Person with sensors.
Watch data is stored in the cloud at all time.
Even if the client device is broken by disaster, the latest data in the cloud indicates that of the person.
Rescuers can act with reference to the map that is based on the latest data in the cloud.

Challenges We ran into

Making IoT sensor system,
Saving the data from IoT devices to cloud,
Indicate the points on the map by cloud datas

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got the chance to rescue the victims.

What's next for Rush and Save

Utilization at the local government and local community

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