Rural+ Health care application, aims to benefit of the economically weaker sections of society by providing basic health care facilities(such as tips, chat with doctors and health reports). It has mainly 4 roles they are Doctors, Patients, Care Takers & Users. Any type user should register followed by login then update user type in your profile.

Health Care : It has the main thing which is used for the rural people. Here there will be some options like search tips, chat with. Users can get suggestions for his/her's health or disease. And also they can suggest alternate solution for that and can add new tips for different health category. If you want to comfortable solution from doctors you can use the chat with. it is an option which is used to chat regarding patient's disease. Enter your query then submit. As soon as submitted this query it will be notified to the specialist / doctors. If the saw it they may reply to you. and it will go on. The next one is safe open health live which is used for healthcare live sessions and chats. Here any person can start a new session with content type, stream type and session name. once configured then every buddy will have this active session. If it is related to them, they will join in that particular session.

Incidents : If any incident happened near by you, You can make it vision to the hospital & police. For that you have to pick the exact incident place and enter incident message then submit it. Basically it has high priority so it will be displayed in all type user's notifications. After that further action will be taken. It has high priority also.

Once you logged in, You can take the following health care advantages based on the role : Advantages :

  • Can register, login, add, edit or delete users
  • Can change website language to Tamil / English
  • Search and Suggest Health care tips
  • Ask experts(doctors) regarding your healthcare topic
  • Use chat support for conversation
  • Track incident to make vision to hospital
  • Get your health report
  • Visualize incident
  • Platform Independent
  • Secure
  • and more..

Future Enhancement : Still now i'm got good response from users of Rural+ and working on this, for some pending functionalities & 2 more important features for health care services. In future, if i got sponsorship for my application; i'll make it live with cloud server, web streaming, analytics & sms.

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