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A web app intended for the HR to collect information about workers to see trends in chances of burnout.

Quick Start

What it does?

The web app works to reduce burnout in the work environment by encouraging employees to fill a survey. The survey contains questions related to their stress and the options that they get determines their stress level. The options then gives some points based on the users answers and these points adds up. The final point indicated the users stress level. Based on that the HR of the team communicates with the employees to help them solve their problems.


npm install

brew tap mongodb/brew
brew install mongodb-community

Start the database

brew services start mongodb-community
# or

for Development

Start the client

npm run dev

Start the server

npm start

for Production

npm run prod

Other Commands

npm run build
npm test
npm run test:verbose
npm run lint
npm run lint:fix

Setup Instructions

Note: This is now a github template project. This makes copying the contents of the project into a new repo very simple.

To setup your own project, you will need to copy the contents of this project into a new repo. You will need to update the content in these files to names of your project and yourself:

  • package.json: name, version, description, repository, author, bugs, homepage
  • LICENSE: (update to your preferred license)
  • client/index.html: description and title
  • this

This is also a good time to go through the included libraries to add or remove features that you want.

After this you can commit the files into a new repository and push up to your github. You can now start updating files in your client to begin working on your own project!


  • Allows user sign-in
  • From a database, obtain questions related to the effects of burnout.
  • Easy front-end and simplistic nature of questions
  • Allows monitoring of burnout of users
  • (POC) HR should see when an employee's possibility of having a burnout has increased


React - View Library

Redux - State Manager

Webpack - Module Bundler

Express - Node Application Framework

MongoDB - Document Database

Mongoose - MongoDB Framework

Passport - Authentication Framework

React Notification System - Notification System

Bulma - CSS Framework

FontAwesome - Icons

Ramda - Functional Library

date-fns - Date Functions Library

SuperAgent - HTTP Request Library

ESLint - Code Linter

Jest - Testing Framework

Enzyme - React View Testing

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