We drew our inspiration from people who live a balanced work/school life.

When we found out that Trudeau was going to be at the opening ceremony, we ran as if there was no tomorrow. At that point, when we were out of breath, we realized the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

We decided to develop this app in a bid to give users more an incentive to go out for a walk/jog to continuously push themselves.

What It Does

Our mobile app allows the user to input the distance that they want to cover (either through running or walking) in a designated amount of time (this is established by the user). The user chooses a specific amount of money they would like to bet on themselves to complete this task. If they manage to complete the task, the user will be allowed to keep their money, whereas if they fail to do so, the money would instead go to a charity organization.

How We Built It

We used Swift, Xcode, to build this app and also used various APIs, UX/UI design applications, along with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Challenges We Ran Into

One of the largest challenges that our team ran into was being able to accurately gauge distanced travelled using iOS' available APIs and infrastructures. Initially, we planned to use the HealthKit API, however, due to the high cost of developer accounts, we were unable to pursue that option. Looking for a way to accurately track time, our team then investigated the iPhone's built in internal accelerometer support, consuming a large amount of the development timeline and involving rigorous physics calculations.

Another complication we ran into was related to Git and complications that we ran into merge. Consequently, we had to look for different solutions to retrieve the old commits and replace the one that was corrupted. We decided to allow only one person to work on the git repository to avoid any merge issues.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

For three of us out of four group members, it was our first time using Swift and we learned to develop an app on Saturday for the whole day. Our group managed to learn all this crucial knowledge through one of our team members who taught all of us about Swift thanks to various side projects in iOS app development.

What We Learned

During this Hackathon, we learned how to manage the work and distribute it equally so we could maximize our efficiency. We also realized the importance of mentors not only for tech related questions, but also how to communicate with them and have an intimate and meaningful talk to build a strong network of people.

What's Next For Runtime

In the near future, the team wishes to continue to develop the app to more effectively track distance travelled and eventually extend the app to include currency support.

Future Usage

In the nearby future, we want to be able to develop an app where students would input their important tasks such as assignments, studying for upcoming exams and such to give students a motivation to complete their task. In order to do so, they would have to somehow integrate their work online such as google docs, dropbox, etc.

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