We took inspiration from the large amount of charity running events that happen throughout the country, from friends we know running to raise money for good causes

What it does

The project contains a user interface which in theory allows users to select whether they are a runner or a donor, if they are a runner they should be able to increment the distance that they have run and see the amount they have raised, if they are a donor then they will be able to choose an existing runner and pledge a donation when they reach a specific milestone

How we built it

The frontend of the application was built completely in Flutter and the backend of the application was supposed to be built in rust to enable Soroban contracts to work, the front end and backend would then be joined via the soroban sdk on flutter.

Challenges we ran into

The flutter development went relatively smoothly however due to a lack of experience in rust and stellar soroban we were hit with a severely sharp learning code for the language and the framework. Overall we have developed a structure for the contracts but cannot seem to get the cross contract calls to be working for some reason which has crippled the application. But this was tight as we only started development yesterday to meet the deadline today.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The main part of the application that we are proud of is the interface which looks quite professional and is functional

What we learned

Throughout the process we have begun to learn about stellar Soroban and smart contracts as well as their uses. Mainly we have developed a basic rust knowledge and furthered existing flutter knowledge

What's next for RunRaiser

Given more time we hopefully could improve the soroban contracts so they work and can be deployed fully.

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