-Trend of running-related demand and scale

  • A means of expressing oneself and solving the desire to be recognized
  • How to connect online and have a positive impact on your life

What it does

  • Individual running encouraging and reward system
  • Sharing data through smart watch

How we built it

  • Concept of simple application ( work with Zepetto, running data collection)
  • Content planning and alliance partnership

Challenges we ran into

  • Identity representation through own avartar
  • Create new value by driving customers to offline

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Define the exact problem

What we learned

  • Exploration about the needs of Teenage and Twenties.
  • Buisiness model

What's next for RunPETO

The expected effect for RunPETO is two folds: Connection with real world activity and goal accomplishment for users. User will not stay in the virtual world, but, They communicates with people through running relationship.

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