I'm a runner and there's a big distinction between the type of music I find myself wanting to listen to during top-speed sprints vs recovery walks. Normally this would require manually switching playlists, which gets in the way of a fluid experience.

What it does

This app automatically detects whether the user is running or walking, and then plays music according to user-specified playlists. It uses a gesture-driven UI to assign songs in the user's library to either Running or Walking.

How I built it

The swiping interface is backed by a custom-rendered UICollectionView. The media player uses CoreMotion to detect, process, and codify accelerometer input.

Challenges I ran into

It was insanely difficult to implement the custom UICollectionView, but cooler heads prevailed and it ended up working out.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did some intense science at the start of the hackathon, graphic raw acceleration output to find correlations.

What I learned

Xcode loves to randomly crash 20 times when you have a deadline in half an hour.

What's next for RunningMusic

I plan on finishing it completely and then publishing it on the App Store.

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