I didn't have that much inspiration. I wouldn't really call it inspiration, but this game is similar to other idle managment games (like running a business or something)

What it does

It's a little bit of a model or something I guess you could say of "running a school". It includes different parts of a school where you can improve your school. You can also incorporate different levels of technology to improve your school, but you have to watch your budget and make sure not to go under. All the different stats like money, reputation, students, workload are all connected and affect each other in different ways.

How I built it

Java and Gimp

Challenges we ran into

Art takes too long and I had way too little time so I couldn't finish everything I wanted

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

Nothing much in my opinion

What's next for Running the School

Not much, if I were to add onto this project I would probably add random events or something like a child getting bullied or fire drills or stuff. I'd probably also add more graphics and some animation to improve the look. Maybe do a little bit more research to make this a little more similar to real life. I would also improve each of the tab sections and also add the teacher section. There were a lot of ideas that I could've implemented, but didn't have the time to do so.

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