Make the Instagram a fun place to play with and share with other people. The way we came up with is to make use of AR in game. Also, we hope this game is key steps of future AR game development. Since AR is digital asset then people can enjoy more realistic but without real assets, AR game has potential market.

What it does

A robot and road will appear in the game with command to control the robot. Users should control the robot to reach the goal without stepping off the road.

How We built it

We used Spark AR and mainly scripting to produce random roads and the detection of whether the robot is on the road or it reaches the goal.

Challenges We ran into

  • Comparing the position of the different objects in the game was challenging since the scale was really different.
  • Concepts of Plane which was really important when it comes to track the plane at the same plane when users move their devices.
  • Motion of robot with animation is really challenging since we have to apply the animation only while robot is running.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Understanding the usage of Spark AR and quickly got to work with the platform.
  • Realistic movement of robot.

What We learned

How to use Spark AR, General concepts in AR, How to use scripting for Spark AR

What's next for Running Robot

  • We are thinking of playing with friends interactively on instagram so it is really a social platform.
  • They can also live share it with friends.
  • Add more option like time attack or variety of stage.

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